Better Decisions, Inc was founded by recognized thought leader and businessperson Alex Nicholas. Alex has spent over 40 years in the field of trainning and development, creating programs for the betterment and success of his business customers.

Alongside his accomplishments, Alex has also lived with the high cost of his own bad decisions.

"As a husband, father, business owner, mentor, son, and friend, over the years I learned firsthand the rippling effect of my poor decision making. No one, and certainly not me, is inmune."

In response to these experiences, Alex began devoting significant time and effort to the idea that anyone can learn how to make better decisions. After selling his business in 2019, Alex committed himself to creating a formal personal improvement program that would help individuals make better decisions in both their personal and professional lives using his one-of-a-kind, organized decision making process. The program is called the Better Decisions Program. This has become not just Alex's purpose, but his mission.

Alex Nicholas currently resides in Lake Mary, Florida with his wife of 44 years. He also has two adult children.